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Our Credo

The skin is the reflection of the inner being.

Health. Harmony. Balance. Beauty.

Affected by internal and external pollutants.

Worries. Weather.

The necessities and vicissitudes of modern life.

The harmony is shattered. The balance is tipped.

The life force is dimmed. The inner radiance, masked.

My mission, my calling, my art

is to bring your skin back

into its highest possible level of health,

its ultimate level of harmony.

To cleanse and clarify, to nurture and nourish,

to purify and protect.

And then - to preserve its perfection.

About Us

A recognized industry leader, Christina Von Liggett

is a skin care expert in the European tradition.

Her science is enhanced by her art and her commitment.

Christina is a licensed esthetician, a respected educator,

and an in-demand consultant.


Trained in New York, Chicago, Paris, Germany,

and at Israel's Dead Sea with post-graduate studies

at the prestigious International Dermal Institute & Conservatory of Esthetics, she is an unparalleled

specialist in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic skin care.


She is a skilled technician in chemical

and cosmetic anti-aging treatments and therapies.

She is a technical specialist

in product development and marketing.

She continues as a consultant to major skin care,

cosmetic and hair companies.


She has worked in film and television,

both on and off-camera. Her commitment

to excellence continues to guide her.

Christina is listed in Who's Who in American Beauty.

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